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Vertimax Manure Spreader

Vertimax Manure Spreader - Pull Type

The Vertimax is built tough to handle the demands of your farm. It comes with big 650/55R 26.5 tires, which allow for high speed use, heavy capacity and still offer great flotation. It has 4 independent chains which will allow the load to be cleaned out even when 1 chain has failed. For increased reliability each of those 4 chains has an open barrel design and slides across a plastic floor for reduced friction, less noise and longer life.

The Vertimax comes standard with a guillotine tailgate which ensure

s you have control over how much manure gets to the beaters. For protection of the drive components it has both a shear bolt for operation protection and an overrunning clutch for shut down protection.

The Vertimax is ideal fo

                                     r 80hp to 150hp tractors but can only be used with 1000RPM PTO drives. At 16’ long, 6’6” inside width and a 3’ tall wall you will have 14 – 15 yards of capacity and up to 32,000 lb gross weight.

The Tandem Axle Vertimax Pull Type Manure Spreader is currently available in either 22' long or 24' long with a 4' tall wall. This size offers a 26 yard heaped manure capacity.  The machine comes standard with a tandem spring bogie that can be equipped with both hydraulic brakes and self steering.

Tandem Axle Vertimax Manure Spreader - Pull Type - NEW !!

New for 2008 is the Tandem Axle Vertimax Manure Spreader. The Tandem Vertimax is currently available in 20tf, 22ft or 24ft long with a 3' or 4' tall wall. This size offers you a 26 yard heaped manure capacity.

The machine comes standard with a tandem spring bogie that can be equipped with both hydraulic brakes and self steering. 550/45-22.5 tires come standard on the 20ft and 22ft Tandem Vertimax but a 620/40-22.5 tire is an available option for more floatation, grip and load capacity.

Vertimax Manure Spreader - Truck Mount - NEW !!

To increase your ability to travel between your farms on public roads JBS has come out with the new Truck Mounted Vertimax. Featuring a 110 HP hydraulic motor, capable of running the beaters at the same speed as our pull type machine.

Available up to 20' long, the Vertimax offers a 19 yard heaped manure capacity and can spread two square bales quickly and evenly to meet your bedding and spreading needs.


Sand Slinger - NEW !!

New for 2009 is the JBS Sand Slinger. The Sand Slinger is currently available in 10ft or 16ft lengths with 4' or 5' tall walls and can bed up to 12'-15'. The Sand Slinger can be used with sand and a variety of bedding materials.

This machine comes equipped with standard heavy duty WR78 big barrel chain, hydraulic front door to meter sand flow and high torque motor for increased power and reliability. Discharge conveyor is bi-directional. Available in single or tandem axle.