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Vaughan Chopper Pumps

The Concept

incorporate increases in efficiency, with improved reliability handling tough stringy solids. Some models also include a new backpullout casing

design, allowing external adjustment of clearances and ease of maintenance.

Vaughan Chopper Pumps are not to be confused with other types or brands of chopper pumps, cutter pumps, grinder pumps or comminutors. Some of the

unique patented features specific to Vaughan Chopper Pumps which make the product so dependable are: Vaughan’s unique cartridge style mechanical seal handles the toughest slurries, outperforming standard single-spring seals by reducing problems associated with wrapping or abrasion. Stray solids trapped in the mechanical seal area are shredded and removed by the impeller vanes turning against the upper cutter. Solids are chopped by the cupped and sharpened impeller blades turning across the cutter bar, creating a smooth “slicing” effect. The conditioned slurry is easily pumped through the

pump and piping system without plugging. The cutter nut cuts stringy materials that can tend to wrap at the pump inlet. An optional disintegrator tool agitates and breaks up large solids to prevent suction blockage. The tool is removable for stringy solids.


Self-Primer (click for product info)

• Self-priming up to 25'

• Heavy duty cartridge design assures dependability

• 4" - 10" discharge available

• Available in direct or belt drive

Wet Well

Vertical Wet Well (click for product info)

• Vaughan's most popular sump pump.

• Reliable mechanical seal/oil bath design.

• Eliminates suction piping.

• Keeps motor and wiring out of the pit.

Cantilever (click for product info)

• Eliminates submerged seals and bearings.

• Best for severe abrasive service.


Electric Submersible (click for product info)

• Popular for sewage lift stations.

• Retrofits to most guide rail systems.

• Ideal for deep sumps.

• Available with rail system or portable.

• Also available in HP-series configuration (click for product info)

Hydraulic Submersible (click for product info)

• Portable pump for tank cleaning.

• Lighter weight than other submersibles.

     •     Ideal for mobile equipment.

Dry Well


• Various sealing systems available.

• Direct or belt drive.

• Adjustable back pull-out design.


• Used primarily in dry well applications where floor space is limited.

• Various sealing systems available.

• Adjustable back pull-out design.

Specialty Recirculators

Recirculator (vertical)

• Allows Wet Well and Submersible Pumps to be used for mixing and pumpout.

• Ideal for mixing of floating or settled solids.

Recirculator (submersible)

• Direct or belt drive.

• Adjustable back pull-out design.