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Tsurumi's water control technology plays a key role to creating comfort engineering which is considerate of both man and the planet.

Ever since its foundation in 1924, Tsurumi Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to creating and developing water use and control techniques. Today Tsurumi has become Japan's largest submersible pump manufacturer turning out products which are admired all over the world for it's first-rate hydronamic expertise. What underlies Tsurumi's steady technological and commercial developments is its ideal to be a business which contributes to the benefit of global and human society.

Now with the new millennium unfolding Tsurumi is making renewed efforts to build pumps which will not only answer the needs of all relevant industries. They also must respond to the calls of the people in all countries who would benefit from efficient water use and control -- for many years to come -- by virtue of Tsurumi's environment-friendly pump-making technology.

A high quality, energy efficient, water, waste water, sewage, and manure submersible pump line. Used in agricultural, municipal, industrial, residential, construction, and dewatering applications.

     *     Worlds largest manufacturer of submersible pumps. 
Types: Semi-Vortex, Vortex, Non Clog, Cutter, Hydrostal Type, Mixed Flow, Axial
Flow, Radial Flow

Tsurumi pumps are not damaged by running dry.

Features & Benefits


Established in 1924, Tsurumi is one of the world's most experienced pump manufacturers.

Tsurumi's Kyoto Plant is the world's most modern submersible pump manufacturing plant. (Total Manufacturing Capability: 1,000,000 units per year.)

Tsurumi produces more submersible pumps per year than any other submersible pump manufacturer in the world. (500,000 units per year.)

Tsurumi offers over 1800 different models of submersible pumps.

Other products offered for the sewage and wastewater industry:

Submersible Aerators, Decanting Units, Scum Skimmers, Submersible Blowers, Submersible Mixers.

Tsurumi's Goal of producing only the most overall efficient, highest quality and environment friendly products is illustrated in the following ways.

Utilization of higher quality materials enables Tsurumi to produce submersible pumps that will outlast other pumps that are offered in today's market. Tsurumi's research and development department is involved in an ongoing program to develop new and superior materials for pumping applications.


    * Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals: Outwears all other materials by a wide margin and has a higher temperature limit than the next hardest material.
Tungsten Carbide rated to 570º F. vs. Silicon Carbide rated to 3700º F.

    * ASTM 148 Class 35 Cast Iron: 10% Higher tensile strength and 27% more resistant to abrasive wear than ASTM Class 30 cast Iron, (used by most other manufactures).

    * Application Appropriate FRP, (Fiberglass Reinforce Plastics) resists corrosion, extreme temperatures, highly impact resistant and is recyclable.

    * High Chrome Cast Iron utilized in abrasive applications.

    * Ductile Cast Iron utilized in abrasive applications.

    * 316 Stainless Steel utilized in corrosive applications.

    * Titanium utilized for seawater applications.

    * Different Insulation Classes offered for specific applications, include Class B, Class E, Class F and Class H.

    * 50/60 Cycle motors with 1.15 or higher service factors.

    * Copper wound, air filled motors (10% average, higher efficiency than oil filled motors), retains electrical integrity as compared to aluminum wound motors).

Tsurumi utilizes only the highest Engineering, Design and Test Standards and will not compromise them for in order to obtain a competitive edge.

Low throughput velocities for resistance to abrasion or erosion due to high scouring velocity.

It is important to note that there are many other factors that affect abrasion ratios, however the above illustration indicates that the overall velocity through the Tsurumi pump is lower and therefore wear rates due to erosion and scouring will be lower. In addition, the discharge pipe size specified by the engineer will more than likely match the discharge size supplied by Tsurumi, eliminating the need for a discharge increaser, reduces the cost of installation and increases the efficiency of the system by reducing friction loss.

Standard Design Features eliminate common problems encountered in wastewater and sewage applications.


Dual Inside Mechanical Seals with Silicon Carbide located in a corrosion free oil filled chamber eliminates or minimizes the following problems. (Pressure rating of 1.5 times shut off pressure)

    * Seizing of rotating faces, causing destruction of other seal parts.

    * Seal failure due to run-dry conditions.

    * Short seal life due to abrasive particles in the pumpage.

    * Fouling or freezing of the bottom rotating unit to the shaft, (not allowing seal closure),     

      due to build up of sludge on the shaft.

    * Offers a wider range of chemical resistance.

    * Due to high closing pressure of the seal spring, seal shock due to water hammer, should       

      it occur during shut down is eliminated.

    * Sealing is not dependent on differential pressure.

Seal pressure relief ports provided on pumps designed to exceed 98' of head at shut off.

    * Protects seal from over rated limits.

    * Protect seal faces from abrasive particles by drawing particles away from them.

Lip seals or "V" Rings locate between pumpage and lower seal faces offers added protection from abrasive particles.

Oil Lifter, (Patent Pending) is supplied as standard on all pumps 1 Hp. and larger.  assures lubrication of the top seal faces down to 1/3 of the standard oil level in the oil chamber.

    * Provides for circulation in the oil chamber and therefore dissipates heat evenly.

Air relief valve, supplied as standard on all side discharge pumps prevents air locking.

Circle Thermal Protector or Miniature Thermal Protectors are provided on all three legs in three phase units and in the primary winding of single phase units. Prevents motor failure due to overloading, single phasing, (in three phase units) or phase imbalance.

Cable entrance with combination thermal expansion boot and anti-wicking block.

    * Protects power cable from abrading at point of entry.

    * Extends bending radius thereby preventing kinking.

    * Allows for field replacement using standard submersible cable.

    * Protects Epoxy from cracking due to difference of coefficient of expansion between

      cast iron and epoxy.

    * Individual conductor are stripped back and then potted with epoxy providing for a

      positive water block and eliminating wicking should the power cable become damaged.         

      Units 5 Hp. and below are provided with a one piece vulcanized entrance, that include

      all of the above features.

*Replacement power cables for these units must be purchased from Tsurumi.