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Hydro Engineering

Hydro Engineering is a manufacturer of manure injection, water transfer, municipal equipment and accessories. We offer our customers through installation, service, and sales pivot irrigation systems, high capacity wells, and pumping equipment.

Lucknow Products

LuckNow Products are manufactured by Helm Welding (1983) Limited at our manufacturing facilities in Lucknow, Ontario, Canada. They have been producing quality products for the agriculture industry for over 40 years and currently employ approximately 40 people.

EQUINOV  is a young dynamic company that specializes in manufacturing innovative agricultural equipment, primarily for the swine sector. The specialties are metal manufacturing (steel and stainless steel) and they manufacture farrowing crates, feeders, dry sow stalls and composters.

High Bay LED Lighting

LED lighting for all your barn, shop, factory or business needs. 93% efficient. Save money on your present lighting costs.

Trident Nutrient Recovery System

A stand-alone process designed to extract and concentrate nutrients from animal manure.

Arid Bedding System

The ARID Bedding System is a dried manure solids bedding production system that recycles dairy manure into safe, dry bedding material without the use of expensive sterilization equipment

Sludge De-Watering Screw Press System

Screw presses are a simple way of dewatering sludge and provides robust operations with low-cost maintenance.

Drag Line Manure Injection Systems

Exclusive Ontario, Quebec and Maritime supplier of Hydro Engineering complete dragline systems, main line hose, drag hose, couplers and related equipment.

The SB Series Spreader from Redwood

The "SB" series wagon is the same Combination Box only mounted onto a heavy duty frame with floatation tires. This lower cost alternative to truck mounting gives better floatation on softer land and reduces costs by taking advantage of the PTO and hydraulic systems already built onto your tractor.

Artex Dry Manure / Material Handling

Sales Representative of Artex Multi use truck, trailer & pull type boxes with inter-changeable attachments e.g. manure beaters, cyclone attachments, silage tailgates & extensions, feeding attachments.

JBS LTD - VERTIMAX Manure Spreader

16' or 18' Long, 6'6" wide inside, 3' wall spreader with a 6' guillotine gate, featuring 2 VERTICAL BEATERS, plus Truck Mount Vertimax spreader  and now the 22' tandem spreader - more than just a single axle spreader! And New for 2009! The Sand Slinger! Currently available in 10ft or 16ft lengths with 4' or 5' tall walls.

Methane Digesters

We will work with any Technology Provider. We specialize in the equipment to move, separate, transfer, process and control the liquid and solids stream. We sell the equipment for in front of, inside and behind a methane digester system.

JAMESWAY MANURE SYSTEMS: Alley Scrapers / Gutter Cat / Manure Transfer Systems / Electric Prop Agitators

Jamesway offers a wide range of tractor PTO operated manure pumps, Alley Scrappers, Gutter Cat


JAMESWAY MANURE APPLICATIONS:  Lagoon Pumps / Steerable Spreader Tanks / Non-Steerable Spreader TanksTruck Mount Tankers / Prop Agitators

Jamesway also offers a selection of LAGOON-PUMPS and the LOGI-PUMPS along with the Truck Mount Tankers, AUTO-TRAC™ Steerable Spreader Tank with a proven steerable axle design and the Ultra-Trac Steerable Spreader tanks    

Belt Filter Press     Ontario Sales Representative of BDP mobile Belt Filter Presses for use in municipal & septic dewatering.

Digester Composting    Digester composing is an aerobic process conducted inside a closed vessel that rotates to continually mix and blend the materials. Used in Municipal, Agricultural, Industrial & Horticultural applications.

Air Flotation - Micro Forme Air Flotation System      Muddy River’s  Advanced Micro Air Separation System is a liquid/liquid and solid/liquid flotation system that utilizes a Micro Bubble Generator (MBG) to dissolve free air from the atmosphere, allowing unrivalled separation efficiencies.

Aeration - Pond Aeration, Waste Water Aeration, Floating Aerators,  BlendAir Floating Aerator Technologies      The BlendAir Floating Aerator System uses Twin Vortex Design to maximize aeration and mixing. Aerate up to 5.5Kg Oxygen/kwh. Also Available: Side entry vertical tank aeration systems.

Water Treatment Systems    CSI REACTR TM Water Treatment Systems - removes foul water odor, taste and stains. Water Softeners, UV, RO and other filtration systems available.

Pumps of All Kinds

Pump Controls     CSI Controls - PACTM   (Pressure Activated Control Systems), RK Series Controls

Level Alarms:  Home Protection    Take control of protecting your home against sump failures, water flooding & furnace failures using Alderon Level Controls.

Vaughan Chopper Pumps, Turbo Mixers, and Rotamix Systems

Submersible Pumps / Aerators / Submersible Blowers      
As a Tsurumi supplier, we have pumps for Contractor & Dewatering, Sewage, Wastewater, Manure, Effluent, Water Gardening & Landscape. Other products available include Aerators, Decanting Units, Scum Skimmers, Submersible Blowers, Submersible Mixers, Gasoline and Diesel Engine Driven Pumps and Generators.


Fish Ponds, Fountains & Water Feature Aerators 

For those interested in installing or maintaining Fish Ponds, Water Fountains, or Aeration of existing ponds, we supply these products and accessories.

Water Powered Chemical Injector (Medicator)    Use the Gator XL in irrigation systems, sanitation applications, water conditioning, animal health.... anywhere additives are needed in water.

Chemical Dosing Pumps   See our new line of Etatron D.S. dosing pumps: Controllers, Water Meters, Mixers, Accessories 

SpinDown Sediment & Sediment Trapper Filters     Rusco's complete line of filters make solid particle removal simple and economical.

Floats & Accessories     Along with the Conery Float Switches, Conery has a wide  selection of  Junction Boxes, High & Low Water Alarms, Float Bracket, Stainless Steel Chain, Tank Vents, Alarm Lenses & Check Valves.


Retractable Pickup Bed Cover