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Vertical Electric Pumps

Jamesway® Commercial Series Lagoon Pump and Power Boom Loading Pipe

The new Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES family of lagoon pumps are designed for the heavy demand of large farms and custom operators. The COMMERCIAL SERIES pumps are available with four choices of impeller or impeller/propeller ranging from 100HP to 225HP and three choices of wheel kit including over-wall configuration.

Standard equipment includes wear resistant impeller, hydraulic hitch adjustment, 8” heavy duty steel discharge pipe and the patented Jamesway Full-Flow swivel cannon. Choose from manual or hydraulic folding front stabilizers. A major innovation is the new patent pending POWER BOOM loading pipe. This option eliminates the need for loading carts, pipes or hoses. The POWER BOOM loading pipe is hydraulically powered, allowing the operator to lift and swing the loading pipe from the storage position to the tanker loading position from the seat of the tractor. The 8” diameter loading pipe is 25 feet long and can be operated to either side of the tractor. After use, the POWER BOOM is self draining so the COMMERCIAL SERIES pump can be packed up for transport within seconds, all without mess or spillage.

Jamesway® Series 8000 Lagoon Pumps

Experience the same reliability, toughness and safety of all Jamewsay pumps with increased capacity.

Jamesway SERIES 8000 LAGOON-PUMP is designed for tractors of more than 225 HP/1,000 RPM.

Its features:

     •     20” diameter, 1,000 RPM/6 blade impeller

  supplies high volume for faster loading and

  maximum agitation.

8” hydraulic diverter valve

8” loading pipe, centered on the pump main

  tubing with a 45º pivoting elbow allows right or left side loading

Loading capacity up to 8,000 US GPM (30,000 LPM)

Hydraulic adjustable hitch that levels the PTO with the slope and depth of the manure storage pit.

Jamesway® Series 5000 Lagoon Pumps

The outstanding performance of Jamesway® Series 5000 Lagoon-Pumps includes:

     •     Agitating all types of liquids

     •     Quickly loading tanks

     •     Requires 100 to 130 HP tractors - can be adapted to work with smaller HP tractors

That’s the Jamesway® advantage