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Hydro Engineering is a manufacturer of manure injection, water transfer, municipal equipment and accessories, which are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. As a Hydro Engineering distributor, we specialize in the installation of complete wastewater treatment systems for municipal and commercial applications.

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Pictures above are of a Dietrich toolbar we sold to Thomas Nutrient Solutions

The Hydro F1* is the agitator that leaves behind a wake of destruction in more moderate sized lagoons.  This agitator uses only one prop to create a cyclone that reeks havoc on solids that have settled to the bottom.

The Hydro F4* is the agitator that leaves behind a wake of destruction while agitating lagoons.  Named after the Fujita scale, the intensity of the Hydro F4 can destroy solids in some of the largest and deepest lagoons around.   Capable of reaching places other agitators cannot go, this pontoon just raised the bar on the