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Fish Ponds


Fountains are ideal for any body of water, a small pond or a large lake, a body of water can have a beautiful water feature exceptionally easily. Fountains range from ½ to 5hp and include both aerating and display models. These fountains are not only for aesthetics but will assist in beautifying the water naturally by aeration and cooling.

Aerators are the perfect to aid in clarification of water. Available from ½ to 1hp for residential ponds and from 2-25hp for commercial use. Aeration reduces algae, minimizes insects, eliminates many odour problems and can provide a healthy home for aquaculture by preventing stratification where sediments are a problem. The residential aerator can be used as a deicer in the wintertime for water fowl, fish or to prevent damage to structures in the water. Commercial units work well to suspend solids in wastewater applications or to keep water clear of stagnation in retention ponds.

Use AquaServe Technologies algae control and pond cleaning products in conjunction with aeration for best results, These products are not algaecides they are a natural and ecologically harmless method of controlling pond scum and odours that commonly plague lakes and ponds.