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Drag Line Systems

Hydro's 30' Double Tool Bar has a 10' center with 10' wings and 15 shank injectors at 25" on center.

Sweeps come in a 12" or 14" size. This unit requires a 210 HP front wheel assist tractor to pull injector.

Here is what Hydro Engineering has to offer you in an Injection Tool Bar.

     *     Wide bar space allows trash movement.

     *     2,000 gallons per acre and up applications

     *     22", 30", 36" shank spacing and other dimensions as needed.

     *     12', 16', 20', 23', 30', 34' 3 Point toolbars and 46' Pull type toolbar available.

* Each injector can be metered by the Hydro Equalizer Manifold System.

Save Money on the Injection Unit !

Use Hydro's Patented three- point manifold system that will easily hook up to your AerWay unit, minimum till cultivator or chisel plow to make that tool your injection unit.

Hydro's Bourgault Coulter Injector comes in a 27' three point or two point injection tool bar with wheels + wings and 26 rolling Bourgault coulters. This unit is great for no- till to tilled fields. Each coulter is equipped with a six bolt hub and two heavy - duty tension springs placing over 1000 LBS of trip force to the coulter.

Hydro Trash Handler Three Bar Injector has 26 Injectors with two Equalizer Manifolds. This tool bar is designed to go into fields with a high amount of trash residue.

All of Hydros tool bars are custom built for the customers application needs.

The 46' pull type toolbar can be ordered with standard 12" sweep injectors or minimum-till injectors. (pictured are minimum-till injectors on left 12" on right).

Double fold toolbar for easy transport behind tractor. (optional toolbar carrier available for long distance hauling)

Options for Hydro's Tool Bars

Hydro's 46' pull type toolbar lets you achieve 2000 gallons per acre.

Options shown on this tool bar are

Double Swivel And Jag Swivel,

Isolator With Psi Gauge,

Fold Up Swing Tube,

Krone Flowmeter,

Stainless Steel Shutoff Valves

For shutting off when turning around at the end of the field and directing foam pig with the Hydro Pig Shooter.

Flow meter with remote digital readout in tractor cab gives the operator instant reading of gallons per minute and total gallons pumped for accurate application rates per acre.

Hydraulic Shut-Off Valve allows the operator to shut flow off, while raising tool bar to turn around at the end of the field.  Excess pressure is relieved automatically at the pump with Hydro's Engine Slow Down Package.

The Patented JAG Swivel will allow the drag hose to untwist without unhooking from swing tube, while automatically removing twists.  The JAG Swivel hooks up to all Shug Grip Pull Couplers.   Adjustable linkage assures that the hose will not unhook from the Jag Swivel.

Double Swivel enables you to turn around at the end of the field without backing up. The double swivel works great for any pull type injection tool bar.

Equalizer Manifold delivers even amounts of manure to each injector for drag hose systems or manure tank wagons. Each manifold can handle 18 - 2" outlets , 17 - 2 1/2" outlets or 12 - 3" outlets. Flows from 200 GPM to 2000 GPM can be distributed perfectly. The replaceable cutting edge keeps plugging to a minimum. Note: Some large injection tool bars will need 2 manifolds. Patent Pending.

For More Information Please Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc. 877-312-4600



For More Information Please Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc. 877-312-4600



For More Information Please Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc. 877-312-4600